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You can use plugins installed on Kodi to catch and play streams

  1. Sportsdevil :: <sportsdevil></sportsdevil> <referer></referer>
  2. P2P :: --<p2p></p2p>
  3. F.T.V. :: <ftv>channel #</ftv>
  4. Youtube :: <utube></utube> (singleid or playlist ONLY)
  5. f4mTester :: <f4m></f4m>
  6. vaughn :: <vaughn>channelidonly</vaughn>
  7. ilive :: <ilive>channelidonly</ilive>
  8. Script yt-dl :: <yt-dl></yt-dl>
  9. imdbid :: <imdb></imdb>
  10. vipracing :: $pyFunction:vipracing.decrypt_vipracing(page_url, justHtml=False,doDecrypt=True, ref=None, swftoken=None)
  11. UrlResolver :: <urlsolve></urlsolve>

Example 1 - call vaughnlive:

    <title>Telemundo Using Vaughnlive Plugin</title>
    <title>Test p2p</title>
    <title>beIN SPORTS 3HD</title>

Example 2:

    <title>tele 2m</title>

Example 3 - generic call to any plugin / use the plugin format:

Example 4 - call SportsDevil plugin:
    <title>TEST | wizhdsports - NBA | m3u8</title>

Example 5 - catch and decrypt vipracing streams:

Since versin 2.6.8 there is a new optional parameter so that you can pass the token (if the site support it otherwise normal execution will resume), since the same code is used by many site, i am sure their token will be different hence don't want to hard-code the value so play it like this.

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Page last modified on March 05, 2017, at 10:50 AM