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So, here you are, with LiveStreamsPro. You have to install it via my repo and it will not overwrite the existing Addon. Its backward compatible so all your existing files should work.

  • Get the latest zip from my repository and install under addons in Kodi.
  • All dependencies should be installed automatically
  • LSPRO depends on URLResolver. Should not be installed via dependencies, you can get from here

If the addon does not work after installing from zip, please make sure that the following scripts and addons are installed in KODI:

<import addon="script.module.beautifulsoup" version="x.y.z"/>
<import addon="script.module.simple.downloader" version="x.y.z"/>
<import addon="script.module.beautifulsoup4" />
<import addon="script.module.simple.downloader" version="x.y.z"/>
<import addon="script.module.requests" />
<import addon="script.module.httplib2" />
<import addon="" optional="true"/>
<import addon="" />
<import addon="script.module.urlresolver" optional="true"/>
<import addon="script.module.simplejson" />

If you want to copy your settings from previous addon, just copy this folder KODI\root\userdata\addon_data\ to 'KODI\root\userdata\addon_data\ pro'
(if pro directory exists then copy contents or overwrite it) (please see appropriate path for your platforms).

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Page last modified on February 26, 2016, at 01:55 AM